Built on a Secure Foundation

Our clients entrust us with keeping their belongings safe, secure, and climate controlled .  We had a great foundation to start from, literally.  Our historic Pittsburgh self storage facility was designed over 100 years ago for secure storage.  The builders lacked the modern high tech security systems, so they over-engineered the building to give turn-of-the-century tenants piece of mind.  Our building has limited access points, interior space dividers, and exterior walls that are three rows of brick thick.  Built solid, built right.

We added high-tech security systems and additional physical security to provide maximal deterrence, including:

  • Keypad controlled access points
  • On-site security guards patrolling the building and entrances
  • Well-lit, after-hours access point with ample parking, just feet from our security guard station
  • High resolution, color security cameras throughout our storage bays
  • Digital video recorder continually capturing camera feeds feeds for analysis
  • We only allow cylindrical key locks, recessed into the door latch for a final level of deterrence

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